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((OMG!!! That’s just too cute, and she looks very pretty. Did you ever figure out where she came from (or he, if the case may be). ))
-She, and yes I did actually.
Apparently the neighbors found her in a ditch, had to work, so I ended up unexpectedly kittysitting.-
((Ffff- that is an adorable little cat. Are you going to name them?
-More than likely. If I get to name it Mr. Wiggums, it’s getting called Mr. Wiggums.-

saintsbossjack said: ((Wait, just- random kitten that wasn’t there the night before??
tinahallthesaint said: (( !!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????? O M G

-YEAH! I literally just walked in here, heard a few meeps, then see this tiny baby kitten looking up at me. 

I am now convinced Aiden brings kitties to all the good little techies in the night.-


Let me paint this picture for you;

I woke up. Yawned. Rubbed my eyes, the like.

Stumble into the living room, half asleep and still yawning.

Look down, hear a few noises that aren’t quite registering yet.

Rub my eyes some more.

Is that…is that seriously…


I think the Aiden fairy visited me in the night.

Anonymous asked: What do you like the most about your character?

-As much hell as I give him on a regular basis, there are actually a lot of things I love about Aiden; it’s hard to choose just one.

If I had to though, it’s his never-ending sense of wonder -tied with his cat-like personality- but definitely his optimistic standpoint, regardless of the emotive episodes he has.

You also can’t forget his meme affiliations. Those are always fun. P: -

Going Up? (Closed RP: Aiden)


Without even lowering his paper, Jack sticks a foot out to stop the doors just before they begin to close.

That voice sounded awfully familiar, though. He kept the paper up for now, despite having finished reading his article.

"Cuttin’ it close today?"

Sliding between the small space left my the generous ‘stranger’, he sighs with relief once inside.

"Oh shit, thank you…”

He takes a few seconds to breathe, and calm down before answering him.

Yes, actually…I had to fight off a tow truck over my car. Apparently one ‘inch’ over a ‘no park zone’ is enough. Paid the bastard off either way.”

Deciding to take a comfortable position against the wall, he eyes the other, knowing something deep down is off, but not quite what.

"So…official business or no?"

More Matt May Not be a Good Thing [Aiden]


Furia chuckled and ruffled the hair of the pair of them before extracting herself. Now we’ve got a pair of them, she thought for a moment, remembering for a second just how much she might have enjoyed being able to make that statement and just how that little exasperated thought might turn completely around on her if it had been a different Decker that wondered into her sim. 

Standing over the pair of them, she lifted Aiden’s chin up. “No, carino, you don’t have to stay in the airlock. There’s more than enough space on the ship once we get you out.” Though for now she kept her more cautious thoughts to herself. What she really wanted to figure out was how this kid got out and Miller hadn’t, though a part of her thought it might not have merely been time.

"This might be a twitchy question. But you don’t recall what the leader of the Saints looked like where you came from do you?" She shrugged a shoulder at Matt’s nod. "Figure if its someone I’ve met I can just ask if we can dig through their human population and you know save some trouble."

Upon the lifting of his chin -instead of his usual response of blushing- he smiles, genuine and still teary-eyed.

"So…I get my own bed and e̷verythin͘g?̶”

Passing joy lined with tears, he smashed headlong into outright hyperactive excitement. Matt is ‘unfortunately’ caught in it; being squeezed by his oddly strong arms.

"Į̮̖̙T̹͚͞’̝̫͚̗̮͢S͔̖̳̠̺͝ ͎̗̜͉̘̪Ģ̥͔͇̺͉̞̜O͈͙̗I̢͚͙̪̳̮N̲̮͎͇G̘̞̙̯̤ ̗̟͖T̹̮̮̦̜̥̬Ơ̯̥̣̙̠̰ͅ B͇̤ͅḚ̪̣̰̫͖͠ ̥̤̰̗̖̜̠Ĺ͓̞͖̥̜͕I͙͉͔̗̤̲K͝E̡͚̮͉ A͏̼͚̹̤ S̢̜̭L̼̟E͓̱̝̹͠ͅE͏͕͔̺̣͓͇PO̸͇͓̲̘̺̘VE̥͉͡R̼ ҉̩̣I̼̱̜̪͚N̥̺͖͝ ͉̮̦S̞̟̥̞̙͢P̯A̰̻͈̥̲C̮̳E̝̦̺̩̭͇̻!"

He actually misses her question entirely, too caught up on the idea of intergalactic friend-time.

Going Up? (Closed RP: Aiden)


It had been a long time since Jack had cased a joint. But if they were going to take down Loren, he was going to need more information than the little they’d managed to scrounge out of Powder.

And luckily for him, Pierce was able to dig up a few more addresses from the crib they’d recently ‘acquired’, one of which happened to be one of the large office buildings near Loren Tower.

Getting in was beyond easy- turns out no one gives you a second look if you’re wearing a red tie and the pink star pin. He didn’t even have to swap out of his white suit. On his way to the elevator, he was able to nab three separate ID cards and a newspaper, the last of which he opened up to read once inside.

Surprisingly, he was the only one in the area headed up; though he still had a few moments before the doors would close.

Otherwise, everything was going perfectly.


Already late, and getting later by the second, bolts for the door; flagging the current  occupant down to hold the doors open for him. Unable to use ‘powers’ in public, much less around his affiliated gang members, deciding to stick with the human ruse seems best by default.