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"Don’t wear that you’ll give people the wrong idea"

What idea? That I’m a fine as hell? That ain’t an idea that’s a fact ma

Experiments with a vampire // Aiden


With a squeeze of his shoulder, Matt lets go of Aiden and shifts back.

'Well, today was fairly typical. I cut a kilo of alien hallucinogen for Eli's meeting, then worked on the infection vectors for a bromoviridae virus that I'm developing for another Boss. She's having trouble with an enmeshed ecosystem on a potential colony planet; where the vegetation is effectively controlling and increasing the aggressive territorial dominance behaviours of the local wildlife.'

A bewildered look overcomes him, just holding the glass idly; pretending he understood. Odd, considering most of what came out of Matt’s mouth was never lost in translation for him.

"I’m…going to act like you didn’t just tell me you divvied out alien drugs, and then decided to flip off mother nature. I…can’t say much on that last note…but you get what I mean.”

He takes a considerably larger sip of the wine.




Ghost Town - You’re So Creepy


Ghost Town - You’re So Creepy

when ur muse is just so in love with another muse that it’s ridiculous

Experiments with a vampire // Aiden


'Oh…' Matt isn't sure how to respond. 'If I can help at all…'

He reaches out to place his hand lightly on Aiden’s shoulder.

"I…just need to find her. I need to hold her, make sure she’s alright…

And…I don’t even know if she wants to be found, at least not yet. I’m not even sure where to start looking.

Just…listening to me complain helps.”

Searching his mind for a new, less depressing topic only brings him back to thoughts of her. Sighing- a sad, lonely sigh, he continues to play the melancholy note.

"Outside of my troubles…what about you?"

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Cats and Tumblr


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