writhing pile of cat children. disgusting

i’m going to throw up.

jesus christ the PURRING 

I feel like I just gained another year on my life from this.



More Matt May Not be a Good Thing [Aiden]


It took a jump and two steps to clear the space when Matt gasped. 

"No. No. No. No. No," Miller tutted his hand blocking her approach and placing himself between them. 

They both knew it was a futile gesture, save for the message it would send. Combined with the terrified glance Aiden cast her she realized it was a reaction not an attack. It was fear.

"It’s fine," Matt assured her and Aiden both. Then he looked into the pair of frightened blue eyes. "She has most of the Zin systems well-mapped. She can help."

"He’s a jumpy little thing, isn’t he?" Furia grumbled.

"Wouldn’t you be?" When she quirked an eyebrow at him, Matt added. "Maybe not. But still this is kind of—"

"Jarring. I know I get it. You know this isn’t like putting a bird back in its nest, right Matt?"

He smiled rather wistfully at the familiar face, even despite the distortion he couldn’t help the little pangs of guilt, hope, fear, and responsibility. “I know, but just like you did, I have to try.”

Furia hated when people did that—threw her own approach to things back in her face. But right now it seemed harmless enough.

"Look, Aiden," Furia said. "Ease up a little. Okay? Matt’s good at his word and so am I. We’re going to do what we can to help. All of us,” she said for the benefit of anyone listening including Kinzie. “And as long as you play nice we can all get along just fine. You hurt anyone and I can promise it will be revisited upon you.”

Matt gave Aiden a reassuring nod. 

Listening to both of their reassurances, he loosens up, and winds up putting his tendrils away. He didn’t want to send the wrong message again, and wind up getting shot; his body left brain-dead and never to be found. Leave it up to the calming sight of Matt’s eyes, or the fact he still hadn’t been shot yet, it works for getting him back down to a stable point.

He folds his arms around himself, taking deep breaths.

"I-I forget it isn’t the same a̡ny͠m͏o͘re…people are much d́i̵f͏fer̵e͟n͘t now, even the both of yo̵u̢."

Mark it up to curiosity or fear still, he has to know; something to break the tension up.

"So…is she…is she still into that k͢i̡nk̀ỳ bondage stuff? If so, I…I think I’ll stay put in the s͜i̸mul͟a͡t̛i̵o͢ņ.”

Experiments with a vampire // Aiden


Matt grabs an innocuous looking remote from the table and presses a couple of buttons.

'This is assuming you and my Ade liked the same stuff…'

As the album begins to play, Matt takes another sip of his wine.

'I should really take your blood sample now, if that's okay?'

Waiting for the tune, and then hearing the choice, he smiles.


Nodding, he begins rolling up his right sleeve, revealing his trail of iconic tattoos, taking another sip. He was never that good with giving blood.

limbozoneguardian asked: ☎ ★ ☢ (And bonus 웃!)

☎ : my muse’s ringtone


★: a wish my muse has

-This is highly stereotypical and vague, but he wishes the world didn’t have to be in pain. He wishes he could save everyone, somehow, and make it all better; that the fighting would stop, and that he himself didn’t have to egg things on to make it worse. Also an infinitely enormous shelter for every stray kitty, and partnering up with Aide somehow to make it possible.-

☢: something my muse is afraid of

-Dying in general, but being alone, always…also Kinzie.-

웃: three people that are important to my muse

-Aide (of course), Matt, and his cats. That counts as people somehow.-

Experiments with a vampire // Aiden


'He's just protective.' Matt realises how quickly Eli's extreme reactions have become run-of-the-mill to him. 'Maybe a little vengeful…?'

He laughs at the next comment, his mood brightening. ’Mate, back when I knew you, I was sixteen and would have got rat-arsed on two pints.’

He heads into the kitchen to refill his glass and pour one for Aiden. It’s a full-bodied red, rich and juicy with a hint of cherries and chocolate. He returns with the drinks, and sits down on the same chair.

'Any requests for music?'

"I’ll…just agree with you on that. Protective. And definitely vengeful. I thought he was going to just murder me right in the store, no fucks given.”

He scratches the frightening memory, and laughs with him.

"That is true. I’m guessing you’ve built up your tolerance since then immensely.”

Leaning back, he takes in the apartment again, noting details he missed the first time visiting.

Taking the glass, he spins it, and then takes a ridiculously tiny sip, hoping that Matt marked it up to him attempting to be fancy or something.

"My music tastes haven’t changed that much…I’ll…let you pick something.”

saintyuri asked: ✉









[SMS]…Wait…I think someone already beat me to that. Shit.

[SMS] You better still be taking care of yours, or else Tacgnol will steal your soul.

[SMS] *there is an attached picture of two sleeping kittens cuddling*

[SMS] Say one more thing about killing cats and I’ll find you and rip your head off

[SMS] And turn your entire body into paste

[SMS] Let’s see you fucking get back up after that

-…Ends up saving the picture to his ‘cats’ folder-

[SMS] Fine, they seem safe for now

[SMS] And I probably could get back up from that somehow

[SMS] It’s STEELPORT anything can happen

[SMS] Basement cat is still looking for souls though

More Matt May Not be a Good Thing [Aiden]



At the bombardment of questions, he laughs; allowing himself to be guided around while he asks, guiding more tendrils around the other for comfort.

"You’ve changed n͡o͏nȩ, you know that?

Let me start from the b͡e҉gin͟n҉ing̶.

I was sh̴ov́e̵d̀ into a single godawful s͞įmul͠a͏tion. But you know me. It wasn’t going to be like t̕hat̛. Lines of code are just that; lines of c̷ode͝…and what is that to someone like m͠e҉. Something that be re-written, something that can be m͏a͝ni̷pul͟ate̵d.

Even though…yes, I’m still stuck on the Zin shi̶p̷.

 I don’t know how many simulations I’ve left be̕h̴ìn͝d̨. I…also don’t know my way b͠açk…though…I could tr͠ý. Where there is a way in̴, there is always a way o̸ut͝.”

Coiling around the other still, firmly snuggled against, he continues.

"I just…I happened to rather like t̡h̷i͜s simulation. It had the most complete rendition of the Re̶a͠c͠ţor yet…I just…got carried away.”

Matt couldn’t help but blush at the mention of the Reactor’s completeness. “Well, for all the bad things that happened in Steelport, this place was home for a long time, before—”

He didn’t finish the statement, though he did glance at Furia.

"Just remember you started it," she said playfully.

Miller just laughed and nodded as his blush reached his ears. “And I don’t think you got carried away. It’s quite stunning.”

"I hate to break up this little reunion, but could someone tell me what the hell happened," Kinzie griped over the radio.

"Matt found an … old friend," Furia noted from her perch on the railing. "Apparently he was homesick."

A Decker? Are you serious?”

"Breathe Kinz, before you blow a gasket. He seems innocuous. Creepy but innocuous, … for the time being," she noted watching the two of them talk about what she assumed was the system Aiden had built up here.

"You…you built the fra̶mèwơr̡k͢ for this one? St͡un̸n͢i͢ng!”

He laughs before suddenly becoming slightly serious, disregarding the blush for now, but internally thinking it adorable.

So…you do miss h̡ome̡ as much as I do…” -sigh-

Another emotional switch is made upon hearing her voice;…Kinzie. This causes him and his tendrils to seize up around Matt, his coils drawing tight without him realizing he was near-crushing his old friend.

IS̹ ̬͖͖T̫͕̥̠̰̫H̺̭A̳͝T̪̩ ̨̙͍͍͇R̺̙̰͎̼̦͇E̙̪A̹̼L̦͈͙̞L̫͕̹͓͈ͅY̧͇̙̮̳ ͎͎̰͇̣͠KI̱̞N̝̞̣̩̠Z͎͖̺̬̀I̮̜̤̞E̳͞?͏̬̙͈̰͉!̢ F͍͈̼͍̮̹̺U͍̪̞̥ͅC͘K͔̩͖͠,̺̞̻ ̷H̳̮͓̭͍͔ͅI͉̘͓̜̻͞D͎͇͙͉̙̝E͙̝͚ ͈͎͘M̧E͙͠ͅ Q̵̼U̢̬̗I͉͍̦͉C̨K̡!!”

A terrified glance pierces at Furia for help; a plea for her to keep Kinzie clear away from him; outside of the simulation or not. Though the fear was justified then, it was completely comical now.

Experiments with a vampire // Aiden


Matt places the gun down on one of the low coffee tables, and gives a dark chuckle at the mention of stakes.

'I'm pretty sure that if you did attack me, or whatever, that he wouldn't want me to kill you. So bullets make sense, if they can incapacitate you.’

He picks up his almost empty wine glass.

'Can I get you a drink? Do you drink? Um, normal things I mean…' Stop thinking about it…


A shiver shows that he didn’t want to entertain that thought. Folding his arms and sitting down on the nearest chair, it almost seems as if he needed to hug himself, calm himself down; as if Eli were going to pop out and blast him straight into next week at the tiniest slight.

He ponders the question, wondering why he was drinking.

"Yeah…I drink…I just don’t remember you being fond of alcohol. I suppose that’s just another difference

…I’ll have a glass, please.”

Is this really a good idea…it could cloud my judgment…fuck. Just sip it. It won’t affect me that badly.




sometimes “if i fits, i sits” isn’t the best motto.

so is there a scientific animal behaviorist or whatever reason for cats just trying to squeeze into everything?

a clever ruse. don’t fall for it. they’re just trying to avoid responsibility. i rarely see cat owners ask their cats to do the dishes after they attempt these sorts of sheningans, so clearly cats are onto something.

bosselimitchell asked: ⌘, ♈, ♏

⌘: was my muse good in school?

-Yes if you refer to just his grades. Outside of that, he was very mischievous; preferring to be alone most of the time, unable to really ‘click’ with the other kids.

♈: the most daring thing your muse has ever done

-Probably travelling to Steelport, even if it was out of pure necessity for his mental state and a place to live. Outside of that however, it was probably deciding to try and take down ‘The Boss’ personally.-

♏: something my muse obsesses over

-Cats. Outside of kitties, cute clothing and his looks, or clothing in general. It has to be cute or attractive -or black-, his makeup perfect, always. If it isn’t ‘right’, it can visibly agitate him; contrary to this, other people’s looks don’t bother him in the least.-